Patient was going to the hospital every few weeks so APC asked to closely monitor him. He had a lumbar fusion back in April 2016 and since then has had multiple hospitalizations for pain. Patient was home-bound, unable to do anything because of pain. He has multiple falls at home due to medications he was on.


APC clinicians got involved and spoke to patient NP to increase one of his medication to help with spasms. This helped patient tremendously. Next APC clinician put patient on the proper medication for opioid induced constipation. Thirdly, APC clinician helped find a pain management doctor.


Patient is no longer taking opioids. He was slowly weaned off of all of them. He has not been re-admitted to the hospital since APC started due to pain. He is now riding his bike and hasn’t had any falls. Patient was taking over 10 medications and now takes 4. This resulted in a cost savings of over $1200.