Medication Adherence Challenges

Studies have shown as many as 700,000 Americans experience adverse reactions to prescription drugs each year. Nearly half of the 2 Billion prescriptions filled each year are not taken correctly. As much as 40% of patients do not adhere to their medication regimen. This results in 3.5 million hospitalizations each year, and an estimated $290 Billion in lost pharmaceutical revenue. Experience has taught us that adhering to a treatment regimen can be confusing, time-consuming, and costly. We also know that factors such as health literacy, cultural beliefs, patient buy-in, and lifestyle play a critical role in adherence and are often undervalued.

Pharmacist-Driven Collaborative Assessment

APC is founded and led by pharmacists, so we see medication therapy monitoring from a pharmacist’s perspective. As pharmacists we’re trained to observe a patient’s health and well-being, while also holding extensive knowledge of medication attributes and interactions. At APC, we leverage these skills, along with collaborative assessment and patient interview, to develop a personalized medication plan that aligns with patients’ needs and mutually agreed upon therapeutic goals.

Innovative Medication Packaging

APC patients never have to fill pill boxes, never have to drive to the pharmacy, and they never have to worry whether or not they’ll take the correct doses at the proper times. Our advanced medication packaging and delivery makes adherence easier than ever. We provide robotically dispensed doses, in individual dose packages, organized by date and time, all delivered directly to patients’ doors.

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