High-Touch, Personalized Approach

It’s not enough to merely take inventory of the medications a patient is currently prescribed. Inventory alone doesn’t give a full picture of the influencing factors that could make it difficult for a patient to remain adherent. We go beyond inventory, with a personalized, one-on-one assessment of all current medications and lifestyle factors that can contribute to non-adherence. Our exceptional reconciliation evaluates the whole patient, not just the meds on paper.

Physician Outreach and Coordination

Many chronic care patients see multiple physicians for varied conditions. Often, the attending physician in the hospital may not have the opportunity or ability to coordinate with a patient’s primary care physician or specialists. As a result, patients are given conflicting advice, and even prescribed incompatible medications. We work directly with all of a patient’s physicians to reconcile all prescribed treatments and medications. By bringing together all of the moving parts, we’re often able to reduce both the number of medications, and the patient’s out-of-pocket costs.

Collaborate to Achieve Goals

Our reconciliation is an ongoing process. We collaborate with patients, physicians and pharmacy to develop treatment plans that are easier to manage, reducing stress and confusion to keep patients feeling healthy at home. Our primary goal is to ensure each patient’s voice is heard.