Our Purpose

Caring for Patients

APC LLC was founded to fill a critical missing piece of the patient care process. We recognized that patients with chronic medical conditions face many serious challenges after being released from hospital care. Often, patients are discharged with many new medications and complex dosing requirements. Sometimes, patients receive conflicting advice and out-of-pocket cost dramatically increases. These factors make it difficult for patients to remain adherent to treatment plans, and can result in many patients getting re-admitted to the hospital.

Solving the Adherence Challenge

Our unique pharmacist-driven care coordination services solve the adherence challenge by placing the patient’s needs first. We go beyond standard medication reconciliation to develop a complete understanding of a patient’s current health conditions, all medications and lifestyle conditions. In other words, our exceptional reconciliation takes account of the whole patient. We work to reduce the number of medications and reduce patients’ out-of-pocket cost. With innovative medication packaging and personal care concierge support, we make adherence easy. With a proven adherence rate of 98%, we keep patients healthy at home, help insurance payers and health systems reduce cost, remain adherent to treatment plans, and decrease the likelihood of rehospitalization.


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