APC patients experience direct and immediate improvement in quality of life. We work hard to make it easy for each individual to have a simplified, affordable and manageable treatment plan. Our patients enjoy improved health and satisfaction, all while avoiding hospitalization and reducing medication costs.

Families / Caregivers

Often, patient’s families are faced with the two-fold challenge of covering the cost of treatment, and providing care to the family member after he or she returns from the hospital. APC works with families to reduce the complexity of treatment plans, reduce the number of medications required, and ultimately reduce the out-of-pocket cost burden. With APC as a care coordination partner, families experience peace of mind that loved ones have comprehensive, affordable care.


For Star-rated insurance providers, Medicare and Medicaid has authorized Billions in bonuses. The system incentivizes payers on a performance basis. The healthier the patients, and the fewer rehospitalizations, the higher the likelihood of achieving a 5-Star rating and bonus. We work with insurance providers, health plans, and employer groups to improve quality of care, and improve Star ratings in return.

Life Sciences

Studies have shown that nearly 50% of all prescribed medications are not taken correctly and as many as 21% of patients never fill their original prescriptions.


Our reconciliation is an ongoing process. We collaborate with patients, physicians and pharmacies to develop treatment plans that are easier to manage, reducing stress and confusion to keep patients feeling healthy at home. Our primary goal is to ensure that each patient’s voice is heard.